Love is Truth?

Image Love is Truth

Last night I asked myself what I would want to stand up for more: Love or Truth? But then a voice in my head said “Love and Truth are one”.

Wow, I can’t wrap my head around this.
That means that Love = Truth. And Truth = Love? Certainly a topic for philosophers and gurus. Cause … how can anyone ever proof love?

So I contemplated on this and waited what else I’m being told by the little voice in my head concerning this. I got this:

Love is truth in the sense that no one can speak it without feeling their heart. So when you look for the truth search your heart. You’ll feel an echo there when someone’s speaking the truth.

Love is truth
it’s always been
you cannot taint it with anything
It’ll always be pure

Love is truth
the truth that none can defy
it is not personal
it is.
Like a river IS
so is truth

Truth is not the contrary of lie
truth is all comprising
it is what is, what exists
that’s why it is love, too

Truth is where there is no resistance
it flows like a river

Well now wrap your head around this …
or your heart.